Gin Gin 200

Musher registration now OPEN!

Entry fee $275
40 team limit

Jan 2nd, 2015- 6pm start
Meiers Lk Roadhouse


Zoya DeNure

Welcome to Crazy Dog Kennels

We are located in the foothills of the magnificent Alaska Range near the edge of timberline. Crazy Dog Kennel is a competitive racing kennel dedicated to the training and rehabilitation of unwanted sled dogs.

Half of the dogs in our kennel come from area animal shelters or are dogs rejected from other kennels. Many of these dogs would be considered to be unadoptable prior to their arrival at our facility. Here at CDK we let “dogs be dogs”; they are socialized with the goal of letting them become an integral part of the dog community. There are no failures at our kennel; all of the dogs are successfully rehabilitated and go on to race with us or are sent on to adoptive homes where most are used for recreational mushing. Sled dogs also make great house pets and many of our dogs become valued members of their adoptive households. Socialization and behavior adjustments are achieved through innovative, positive training techniques; there are few magic solutions; time and perseverance are the answer to most issues.

Teams from Crazy Dog Kennel and Canine Rescue have competed in and won races such as the Yukon Quest, Copper Basin 300, U.P. 200 and many others.

We have well-behaved dogs of all ages and abilities available for immediate adoption. We also offer, dog sledding tours, rides and scheduled training clinics.

We're signed up for Iditarod 2015!

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Friday Magazine

Copper Dog 150 - 14th Place

Zoya DeNure 6th Place in the 2013 UP200

Mushing for Healthy Babies

Mushing for Healthy Babies is a campaign spotlighting Alaska’s State Sport, Dog Mushing. The crusade to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy has been created by the Nome Youth Facility (Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice) with support from the Alaska FASD Partnership.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) only occur when women drink while pregnant, thus FASDs can be 100% preventable. Prenatal alcohol exposure can cause damage to the developing fetus any time during the pregnancy. I am proud to be a supporter of Mushing for Healthy Babies and am honored to display my support by carrying the message of “No Alcohol During Pregnancy” as I race this year.”

Former Model Takes on Iditarod
Zoya DeNure says she’s still a “girly-girl” at heart

John takes 2nd in the Paul Johnson 450

Paul Johnson 450
After crossing the finish line and greeting fans, friends, and the press, John Schandelmier
mushes his team along Nome's Front Street.
For more information visit the Norton Sound Sled dog club on facebook

Crazy Dog Kennel is owned and operated by John Schandelmeier and Zoya DeNure


Christina Hamlin, Wasilla, AK
for Fender & Chili Pepper
Korin Galarneau, Anchorage, AK
for Bobbie J
David McCarville, MN
for Mudflap
Shelagh Geller, Amsterdam
for Sparkplug
Frederick Huntsberry, Hollywood, CA
is a TEAM DOG SPONSOR for Djembe



Crazy Dog Kennel
HC-02 Box 7193 Gakona, AK 99586

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